Hello All,

I know this is kind of old thing for every body but I need to ask and must wish for some help. Bestially my time is coming to the end with my Graduate Project and I still don't really know what is my topic.

Few weeks back I was thinking of writing stuff about Wireless Security but come on, I don't think I can trust this topic any more, how would I present the data? What could be my output at the end of this Project? I decided to write about WLAN Security as it is very interesting and I kind of know already how it works, kismet, aircrack, WEP cracking etc...I also know how to make it more secure but this can be find on the Internet, so what's the point of rewriting, really?

I would be thankful and I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks for those who made it this far.

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You should also check this forum if you have not already gone through it SNIP]

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sigh... Despite the tens of thousands of threads by other kids asking us to give them a project idea you still haven't gotten the message?

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