Can You explain me..

Hey dude...I have a problem....Why is it happen like that?

1st follow the steps & check i am correct or not....

1.take the photo extension with jpg (if u can use any type photo..but i don't know correctly is work or not)
2.change the extension into ".txt"format
3.Open the .txt (text)file
4.Then make a space or write any character on there..
5.Save the file with .txt extension..
6.After that erase those what u added & change file type again into jpg or alse..
7.then open it..

8.?????????What happen to Picture??????????

Plz explene me what happen in there.........

Most image types have a specific format. If you insert bogus bytes into the format, it likely won't be recognized anymore. Your question is akin to "I smashed my cell phone, why doesn't it make calls anymore?". :icon_rolleyes:

commented: I find knocking my phone around helps to reseat the components to the board. ;) +7

My god...if you really want your picture back just erase what you wrote if not,i can explain what happened.
You are designed to be a computer engineer.
Your sent to an electrical company to do some job first: wont understand what they say,so they train you,but you still wont be like them.
2.after a few years go back to your it company ,you might not adapt like you used to,your modified and not adapted

you did the same to the file,if you want to add title and stuff you can either try paint or a more apt software
i hope i was helpful

Question arises why you want to do this???? when we add some thing to our image and change its extension the change occures in the bit sequence of the image (i.e. 1s and 0's) not only in display and when you erase the text and again change its extension it also makes change in bit sequence and not in display only..... and when computer processes that bit sequence into image the result is not your desired one

Ya I see the different answer form different views in brief...
Can any1 make me sure there are nothing to thing anymore