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Computer sciences has become an essential part of the socio-economic development of country. It acts as the backbone for the rapid development in the country. Cs has totally reversed the concepts about the life in a country either it is domestic or social it is involved from kitchen to office, from planting seeds in fields to distributing goods in market almost everywhere. Today even a country's defense depends upon Computer technologies.

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Computer Science is the study of information processes, It looks to find a better way to do things that had before been done in a slower way, it deals with solving problems, it is imperative, and deals with how to, it's not like mathematics that declarativedeals with what is.


We now have office packages, business packages, biometrics, and all, all these things are the applications of computer science, PROBLEM SOLVING


A study in computer science helps a lot in getting well to various occupations in industry. Graduates in computer science often find work as programmers, application developers, network and systems engineers, or security experts. It has grown in demand and has a lot of significance.

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