Im out!...I mean out of ideas!...if u guys could give me any ideas on system development. its for my project...i did Air reservation system, tour-packaging system, cinema ticketing system, file-transfer system....bla i just want to do something different.....give me at least 3 ideas...just name it and i will do the rest...

thank you!

Hi there
I need ideas for a project too. I have to use a real business and I have no idea how to start I have an idea for a greyhound tracking and reservation system and since you have completed some similar project would you mind giving me some pointers?

bro can you help me how to do the cinema ticketing?
the code?
i need for my assignment at help me with send to <<snip>>

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hi everyone can anybody give an example of an automated system for a school? the most uncommon one. thanks

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Uncommon? Use the Lego robot system to deliver messages among faculty. How about using a computer program to randomly assign students to seats in their classes, and see if changing the seating changes grades.

Elevator AI system. Say, 3 elevators and 10 floors.
Fast food delivery system. Menu, orders, deliverers...
LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

I need new ideas for B.E(computer science)project in any field..............
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I need new ideas for B.E(computer science)project in any field..............

well, I'll tell you what my Dr. suggested as a graduation project for me and my friends:

A website that facilitates broadcasting SMS to customers of a telecommunication company.. till now I don't know much about it; I didn't read the project's proposal yet >_<.. All what I know is what programming languages we'll use..

Other ideas:
Voice recognition application for a mobile
Image recognition application for a mobile / webcam

Sorry for not being able to e-mail.. I don't want to get spammed in a way or another ;p

Perhaps a fully-automated comprehensive Computer Science tutor program? Program in all the ABET subjects and a few programming languages with practice tests, quizzes, vocabulary, etc. Make it extensible too so people can add on new features (flashcards, networked tests/quizzes, etc.) and information (maybe computer security, or real-time systems).

You could keep the features and data minimal initially, if you demonstrate a capability to make addons.

You want your own business, maybe to be financially independent, be your own boss, work at your own time, and maybe, just maybe, retire as a multi-millionaire at the age of 35! But do you know what business you should start?