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umbrella activities occur throughout the software process. is it this way that they are applied evenly across the process, or are aome concentrated in one or more framework activities?

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Sorry, No idea. I wish if I could help you.. Sorry again

which activities in software development are umbrella activities and why

Software development can broadly divided into two major categories:
* Construction
* Management

Construction activities are those that are directlt related to the development of software. Such as requirement gathering, design development, coding, testing. While the Management activities are kind of umbrella activitiesthat are used to amoothly and succesfully perform the costruction activities e.g.:

  • Software project tracking and control
  • Formal technical reviews
  • Software quality assurance
  • Software configuration management
  • Document preparation and production
  • Reusability management
  • Measurement
  • Risk management

umbrella activities that persist across the entire software process. These umbrella activities include:

• software project management

• formal technical reviews

• software quality assurance

• software configuration management

• reusability management

• measurement

• document preparation and production

• risk management

Each of these umbrella activities is defined by a set of tasks that are adapted to the project type and degree of rigor with which software engineering is to be applied.

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