I have an essay for Friday. I would be very greatful if I can have some help with it. The task is:

It has been argued that Software Engineering has become a matured discipline and should be recognised as a profession in its own right.

Discuss with critical references and comparison to another long-standing and internationally recognised profession and the professionals practising that profession, the principles of professional practice and obligations that are expected of a software engineering professional.

You should produce a written report of about 2000 words, and the report should have an appropriate title and structure. You need to use different types of reference sources such as journals, printed professional material,

Web etc.. and these sources should be cited in the report body and presented under the ?References? heading in IEE/BCS/IEEE format.

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Hey there. I'd be glad to provide some feedback but could you provide some more information. You say you need to compare software engineering with other professions? Could the other professions be electrical engineering, etc. or are you looking for something entirely different such as comparing to business?

Lets say you want to compare software engineering to business. Well, businesses have different levels of managers, employees, etc. Software programs are subdivided as well, and everyone has to work together to obtain the final result. Flowcharts are important to both, as well, etc. Anyone else care to expand?

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