Hey friends ..I need a help.. I want to know that to learn oop concept is RUBY language good...? we have to choose between RUBY and OCAML. Please can anyone explain a bit..Thanks in advance

O'Caml is a far better language than Ruby.

O'Caml is a far better language than Ruby.

oh thank you.. Can you please explain the differences

I kinda like Ruby for small things. Larger Ruby programs tend to get hard to read though.
Ocalm I don't know, but O'Calm sounds like an Irish brand of beer rather than a programming language, which would explain why Rashakil likes it better than Ruby :)

To learn OO concepts Ruby, with it's Perl legacy, may be a bit hard (the syntax can get in the way of learning the concepts).
Python or Java would be a better choice, or C#.

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