OK so I have to compare Java with C++ and I need to address the following topics -

The following topics should be compared:

- programming constructs that are in one language and not the other, differences in

- programming in one language or the other should be addressed
the purpose behind why each language was developed and the differences.

- Advantages and disadvantages of each

- How each language are “translated” to runnable code

- differences in memory management

- how easy they are to learn

- other similarities or differences you find.

Can anyone help me with number 1, 4 and 5? I can't find it anywhere :(

Ok. We will help you with your homework, but only if you make a start on it first. So, propose some answers to these questions, and we can critique them, and perhaps point you in a direction to answer them yourself, or help you consider things that have not occurred to you. Example, your first question - programming constructs that are in one language but not the other:

C++ supports multiple inheritance, java does not.
Java supports interface classes, C++ does not directly (but does with pure virtual base classes).

Until you make some effort to answer these on your own, that is as much as you will get from me.

I suggest you find the book "Programming with objects - A comparative presentation of object-oriented programming with C++ and Java" by Avinash C.Kak. That is probably the most thorough book you can find on the subject.