Hi guys,

I'm doing a project that assesses programmers potential, i've done a great deal of it. The abilities involved like Logic & Problem solving, ability to abstract etc. I'm having some trouble with putting questions together based on these abilities, i've read through other examples of peoples questions, and i could based on theirs write my own but are there any other suggestions?

Particularly ability to abstract are there any suggestions for questions? for now all i have is like eg. 3 = 9. x 3, + 4, or x 2. Any ideas?

IQ tests probably contain very good examples of questions which could be used to assess the potential of a programmer. What kinds of questions you include and which you discard will be an interesting decision, but a few come to mind...

All blargs are toogs, and some toogs are larts, therefore some larts are blargs.
True? False? Neither?

A few alien transmissions are intercepted. "Bleep quor mite sto" is translated as "Take me to your leader". "Quor sin sto ted" is translated as "You leader is good". "Quor nikste sin mite" is translated as "Your goodness pleases me." What is probably the best translation of the word "sto"?

Jim is shorter than Bob, who is taller than Anne but shorter than Tom. If Tom is the tallest, what can we say about the relative heights of Jim and Anne?

Give the next number in the sequence. 1, 2, 4, 9, 23, 64, ___.

Which of the following words is least like the other?

Someone spent the following amounts of money on different drinks. Did they spend an odd number of US coins, an event number, or can it not be uniquely determined?
- 75 cents
- 89 cents
- 77 cents

Let a $ b = (a+b)/ab. Does (a $ b) $ c = a $ (b & c)? Does a $ b = b $ a? Is there a Z such that a $ Z = 0 for all a? Is there a N such that a $ N = a for all a?

Give an antonym for "delight":
- Joy
- Malaise
- Despair
- Envy

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