hi frnds,

do anyone of you have theoritcal notes on Computer Organization, which include topics like Number Systems, Hamming Code, Error detection method ??

if you have can u pls let me know ?

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Have you tried searching for those terms in google?

Thanks for replying to my question with negative reputation, that totally makes me want to continue helping you. :rolleyes:

The "topic" you want is basically the whole of computer science and engineering, so you're not going to find a single source of information. You need to pick a specific topic and then search for that, then pick another specific topic and search for that. Just searching for "computer organization" will get you results, but not terribly useful results if you're expecting some sort or brain dump of everything there is to know.

oops... i replied the above conversation (one having that negative reputation sign) through my phone. it was not intentionally i did it... thanks mate for your help. i got a book "Fundamentals of Digital Cicuits - Anand Kumar". i got everything. thanks for the help.

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