I am searching and gathering materials that will be very helpful in writing and carrying out my final year project.
The topic of the project is "design and implementation of a management system for Home delivery meals services".
To some, the topic might be laughable and "not too scientific or sophisticated" enough for a final year project. I came up with that because it is an idea I wish to turn into a business venture.
Collecting materials on this has been very difficult. I would sincerely appreciate if anyone could help with resourceful key books, theses,technical manuals or any papers at all. Other forms of helps and assistances would also be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your anticipated assistance,...... THANK YOU !!!

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I had the first edition of this book. Somewhere in it a meal delivery system was used as a design example.IMHO (I'm no pro) I guess what you are trying to do is sophisticated enough. Success!

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