Hi Everyone I am a first year student but I started thinking about a third year project. I would like to know something that is programming related and less algorithms I am currently tring to master C and then go and learn how to develop GUI for C programs. And maybe learn some other languages after this like objective-C. I would like to start the project on the side slowly. I was thinking maybe developing some software for for IOS. I would love it if you helped me. Props to YOU!!

I admire someone who is planning ahead, but the point of school (you are in your 1st year) is to explore the options, and not lock yourself into a path that may not be what you want later in your studies. IE, take this opportunity to explore! When you find something or a subject that really gets your juices flowing, then go for it!

See above, but here's a little advice too.

Pick a programming language.
Write a podcast ripper in that language.
Add in multithreading to download multiple files at once.
Add a GUI.
Add playback for the completed files.
Use whatever libraries you need.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

(Hm... I still need to do this for C++.)

After time, you will be really sick of podcast rippers. But you'll understand how to create network connections, download text files, parse XML, use concurrency, download binary files, display said files in a GUI, and play them - in the languages you picked out.

And maybe you don't want to do a podcast ripper. That's fine. Pick a different project with multiple parts.

Last and MOST important, hang on to your code. You WILL need it in the future.

Thanks To everyone who contributer