A bank has about 100 branches throughout the country. To reduce the amount of traveling required for face-to-face meetings, the management has decided to install advance video conferencing (VC) facilities in all branches. In order to install this VC facility, the service provider has to connect-up the branches with optical fiber links. The service provider charges different amount of installation fees to connect diffrerent pairs of branches. However, it is not possible to connect up every possible pairs of branches due to the high cost. You want a set of fiber links that connects all the branches with a minimum total cost. Assume that each branch can be used as a routing point for the VC traffic.

1 how can I develope an algorithmic solution to this problem using VDM.

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This is a graphic problem that has been solved for years. Do search on "minimal spanning tree".


Momerath gave you a great hint. Remember, we DO NOT do your homework for you! FWIW, it is also a variant of the "Traveling Salesman" problem. I think you have some research to do before attacking this problem. :-)


banks still try to run their own cables like that? Thought they'd stopped doing that over a decade ago and now use microwave or satellite links. Much cheaper to set up :)

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