I have a big dilemma, so I need some additional info.
I need to choose a specialization, so I have two main candidates : Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
I like both of the degrees, but If you could help me by writting from your experience what are the positive, and what negative sides of this dilemma, that would be very helpful.

Thank You!

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The actual information you learn won't be particularly important. I think the artificial intelligence specialization will affect you in ways that make you a better all-around programmer. Data science takes you outside of tough programming and throws you into some statistics, that isn't really particularly interesting, and is the sort of thing that's easy to forget. Also, I think as a professional specialty, data science is a bad place to pigeonhole yourself, looking 20, 40 years down the line. So you should look at them based on how they'll improve your programming ability and CS ability overall. AI has more crossover benefits.

I think it is entirely depended on you. Then about the positive and negative thing about a course, I think all course has its own positive as well negative impact. Here what you should give more important is what is your dream. What you really looking for go for that. That is the best solution I can give you.

You should follow your dream and in 5 years what you will want to do is important. Also, maybe you can just look for the salary of them and you can reach detailed information via the link : Computer Engineer Salary

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