Hello All,

Nice to meet you all, find this website. I am just 5 weeks into my final year of my BSc Honors Degree in Computing and am rather overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do, and the intensity and level of the assignments I have to complete and the final year project/dissertation. Scared !!!

I have to deliver a literature review in a few weeks for my project which is to develop a program in Java code that has the ability to allow a user to manipulate the faces expression. Then possible create a code that allows images to morph into each other. Worrying part is my Java isn't veru strong at all so any miracle java tutorials that anyone knows of would be appreciated :-)

My main question is about the Literature Review I have to do. What is it all about ?? I have no idea. A review of relevant literature I assume, but how do I put this together. Anybody any useful idea's here or links ?

Look forward to hearing from you...


The basic idea of a literature review is to ask the questions: Did anyone try to do this (or something similar) before? If so, what was their approach?

You just do a lot of research to answer those questions. You collect all the articles and resources that you've encountered and have found to be relevant.

The general narrative of a literature review is that it starts out as "I only know that I have this problem to solve", then it moves towards "I now know, through my research, what challenges are involved in doing this", and it ends on "I have some basic idea of how to approach the problem".

You should try to mostly look for scientific journal articles and conference papers that are out there. Also, following the "citation trail" is a good way to go from article to article, either by looking up the reference section of a paper find the relevant papers the authors relied on (i.e., going back in time), and by looking up newer articles that refer to the paper that you are currently reading (i.e., going forward in time). The references at the bottom of wikipedia pages can be a good start if you have trouble with that.

You should not cite websites, and definitely not wikipedia, in your literature review. And try to mainly site peer-reviewed papers (journals, and reputable conferences).