Hello all,

First of all I wasn't really sure where to post this so please let me know if I'm in the wrong forum for such a question.

I understand the basics of git, but I'm still very new. I have used git locally and on github. I was wondering if this was possible:

I want to set up my main git repository in my Dropbox, then have the same repository on my local mac machine and a remote HPC. So when I can edit them in my dropbox and always have them pulling from there. The problem is I have kind of set up stuff on each machine. Do I need to scrap everything and just clone from the Dropbox directory to my local machine and the HPC? Also, I know how to clone from github, but am a little confused as to how I would clone from the HPC from my Dropbox. Does anyone have any advice or a tutorial that addresses things such as this?

Thank you all for your time!

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I'm working on a super computer that requires a kerberos ticket to access. Is there any way to be on the super computer and to clone a git repository from my dropbox? Really cloning onto the super computer is where I'm getting a little stuck. I can do it, but only from github currently. I don't know how to clone from my local machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That depends very highly on how this 'super computer' is set up. (the environments, the distributed computing setup/manger, the storage systems currently in use (as well as how it's cashed), how their shared, how the computers are connected, as well as how the program set up to be ran is set up, IPC, etc...). More detail is required.

I feel like this 'super computer' is actually just an ordinary computer/server (given by the fact you're using dropbox). If that's the case, then I would probably mount the dropbox to the server as well as the mac, and pull/push any changes to/from dropbox.

If it's a serious cluster, then you would most likely have some kind of file server set up with industrial off-site backups. I would imagine that it would be accesible by your machine as well as the cluster. I would probably use that instead. Ask the admins if something like that is availible.

Sorry that my post seemed to be vague. This is a serious Cray supercomputer. I do not have dropbox set up on the supercomputer. I was just wondering what the best way to keep a git repository in my Dropbox for my local machine to be a clone of.. and then also have the supercomputer git repository be a clone of this same Dropbox repo.

Right now the closest thing I can do (because I did compile git on the HPC) is to use github as the dropbox in this case and do it that way. I just didn't want to share a lot of code through github that I feel like is only suited to my purposes and clutter my github up.

Is there a more intelligent way to set something like this up?

To put it concisely - I want a git repo in my Dropbox and my local machines and a repo on the HPC all to be clones of that Dropbox repo.

Thanks for all your answers so far!

Again, you have not provided any information on how the storage works.

If you're set on using dropbox, then I would suggest mounting the dropbox folder to all of the machines, and pull to a local folder for work. The dropbox clients should support that.

I would suggest that you instead talk to the admins. There might already be a file server set up to be used by the Mac and the SC.


# Macbook
git init project
cd project
git init --bare ~/Dropbox
git push ~/Dropbox master

# Now you can make changes to this project directory,
# and when you're done:
git push ~/Dropbox master

# No idea how to get it to work in the SC without more information.
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