I am currently a final year Business Information Systems student. I have the task of completing a final year project.I am not much of a programmer. I am not sure what project i should tackle. I am thinking of a system whcih automates somthign with finance. If anyone can give me any ideas?

Thank you

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You are a graduating BIS student and you are not much of a programmer? Business information systems are all about programming - implementing complex business logic with computer systems. What kind of systems have you studied? What interested you the most? What could you do that would help push that area ahead from the perspective of the people impacted by those systems? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself - then you might find a project that will suit you.


I have studied visual basic.net, SQL, HTML and UML. I like ER diagrams, user recruitments, documenting. I enjoy creating a system for a company to make it work better. So developing an ER diagram to show how different entity works together. Also class diagrams as well.

From answering your question I enjoy more UML modelling and SQL queries. I was thinking to help my Students Union finance department with an automated system. Where bought items can be recorded in one direct system. So they can access it for annual audits.

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