I want to create an internet browser what are the programming languages that need
To create it .
Thank you in advanced

Use any language(s) you like.

Just because someone uses say C++, that doesn't mean that using Fortran is impossible.

Nearly all programming languages are equivalent

If you've got a network API and a graphics engine, the rest is pretty much a data processing exercise.

I’m about graduate is this a good graduation project??

Yes, but first tell me what you'll give more over IE, FF, and Chrome? or it just repeating?? and about your actual answer, I won't answer more than Salem, any one!

Thank you
Will I want to create an internet browser that contains the usual things that always available in it. But also I want to include it with some thing new like
zooming in and out the page maybe the ability to read some words in the page.
So is this a good ideas???? or may you can give me other ideas .By the way is java is good for programming it?
I’m now in the step of collection information.

You actually didn't give powerful features that's from my point of view as user, all browsers has zoom in\out.
You've to ask yourself, why your friends will use your browser and won't use else?
Java is nice.

Something like firefox has 100K++ (possibly 1M+) lines of code. It's been in development for the thick end of a decade, and has had many hundreds of people working on it.

What are you (by yourself) going to achieve in a few months of effort you're going to spend on your project?

How much are you going to do yourself?
Are you going to take some UI toolkit "browser" object which does all the basic work of fetch and render for you, then "customise" it a bit with your own code?
Lots of people do that already

Download some HTTP library from sourceforge , create a GUI in VC++ , integrate the library with the GUI .

so it is complex to be created

so it is complex to be created

No, it's very easy:

int main()
    //L33t browser code goes here
    return 0;