So, I've wanted to learn how to program for a while now. Like 10 years. I have gotten nowhere with my endeavors. I haven't been able to go to college yet(working on that for the Spring semester) and I haven't been able to teach myself how to program. I work best in a classroom environment while learning things like this. But I want to get ahead of the game. I want to get somewhere with this, not just make some silly projects in school next semester. Ultimately, world domination, but that's another discussion entirely. Any suggestions?

I always say that it helps to have a problem to solve. Find something you want to do, maybe a tool to make your everyday tasks easier, or making a better version of some tool you use. Find something that interests you and just start trying to make it. It will not be the best thing you will ever write, but it will help you to start learning. Google, DaniWeb, StackOverflow, and the internet in general are here when you get stuck. If you are interested in the problem, you will actually want to work through the bugs to learn. Start small, and work your way up.

Was there a specific language you were hoping to learn?

I would have to say Java at first. There is a lot I can do with that. Mostly Minecraft related.

As chriswelborn said, having a problem to solve is a good incentive to learn how to program. I got started in 1983 by being challanged to write an accounting program in dBase II for a wholesale bakery company in the Silicon Valley. That program ran the bakery for the next 10+ years until it was sold. By that time I was principal software engineer for a major software company.

FWIW, I wrote the program to handle Y2K date issues... :-) Then, 15+ years later, I was tasked with leading the Y2K analysis and remediation process for my company's enterprise applications - 10+ million lines of Unix and Windows code.

just start with the c language first nothing becuase it is the basic ting of all other lang. it is much easier to learn c also. If you are just learned withj the C then directly start learning the Java. Jave is such a wonderful lang that you even can think what and all you can build with that once if you are familiar with it. new new update comes in javam try to bvalance everything. get any instructor for this