I am new here. I am taking an entry-level programming class and this is my code but i wanted to know if there are any errors in this code and if there are can you please explain to me what they are. And also having problem putting in a raptor flowchart

// Global constant for body mass
Constant Real BODY_MASS_MULTIPLIER = 703

// main module
Module main()
// Local variables
Declare Real Weight, Height, BMI

// Get the weight
Call getWeight(Weight)

// Get the height
Call getHeight(Height)

// Calculate the body mass
Call setMass(Weight, Height, BMI)

// Display body mass
Call showBMI(BMI)
End Module

// The getWeight module gets weight and stores it
// in the inputWeight reference variable.
Module getWeight (Real Ref inputWeight)

    Display “Enter the weight.”

Input inputWeight

End Module

// The getHeight module gets height and stores it
// in the inputHeight reference variable.
Module getHeight (Real Ref inputHeight)

    "Display “Enter thInline Code Example Heree height.”

Input inputHeight

End Module

// The setMass module sets the BMI and stores it
// in the BMI reference variable.
Module setMass (Real Weight, Height, Ref BMI)

    Set BMI = Weight * (BODY_MASS_MULTIPLIER/(Height* Height))

End Module

// The showBMI module accepts BMI as argument and displays the
// body mass indicator
Module showBMI(BMI)
Display "Body Mass Indicator: ", BMI
End Module

First, this really isn't pseudocode. Pseudocode will describe the problem and solution in regular terms. It should be understandable by someone who is intelligent but not computer literate.