how to be good or lets say what should i do to be able to edit programs from hexadecimal

Could you elaborate on that?
Do you mean you have a hexdump you want to edit?

In Linux you can use bvi - a binary VI editor. If the files are already in hex format (text really), then any editor will do. Notepad++ in Windows works well.

i want to understand these codes in hexadecimals thats what i mean ;)

Well, they are either letters or numbers. What they mean depends upon what they represent. Is it binary code, text, data, what? Until you know what it represents, understanding them is impossible. Some sequences of non-text data are known, and you can then determine what they are, and then decode them. If you determine the values are program code, then you can use a disassembler to turn the hex code into assembly code. If not, then the problem becomes much more difficult as the hex may represent encrypted data, which is another problem entirely.

If you definitely know it is hex from a plain text file, you could use this table for transaltion. For example '20' in hex would be the space character.