What's the different between Delete & Format

Could you explain the context?

i just want to know the different between them??? What's the different between Delete & Format ??

They are pretty self-explanatory.
"Delete" deletes something.
"Format" refers to several different ways of formatting: italics, font size, font style, colour, bold, centering, etc. Are you talking about text? A page? Forum-specific capabilities? ...

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You can delete a format, but you cannot format a delete.

Delete : -
Deleting is a process in which a user deletes data by selecting it. Deletion of data from a computer can be done temporarily or permanently. If a user uses the Delete button from the keyboard to erase some file, it moves to a temporary folder known as the ‘Recycle Bin’.

Formatting is a process where the entire drive is formatted i.e. the entire data in a particular drive gets erased permanently. It is usually done to empty the drive when the data present in it is not required.

If you mean your hard drive:

1) you can delete all the data and still leave the format

2) formatting will not only remove all data, but also the old format