I mean,How do they
1.Compile an English written High level language to Binary and understand,execute it
2.How computers do calculations using these 1s and 0s or electricity differences ?
Name the books or give the links

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Sorry for the grammar mistakes in the question.I mean
what is the best book to read if I want to understand how do computers work really?

Thanks.I was kinda looking for a book with complete details though

You won't find a book with complete details, the topic is far too broad.

It entails continous research in the area. Keep reading as much as you can

Here is the concise seven volume basic set of the software side of equation:

You might read few tens of basic books first, though, for preparation. The TACP books are very well written, only dense with information, including variously challenging exercises. I have first edition of the first three volumes.

Someone gave me a name of a book few months ago.I don't have details about it now.
Some give me some topics I need to google?

I really appreciate if some one can give me a book though

thanks.I but I prefer single book which covers the basic.I don't want to go to advance readings yet like that.Those books are advanced I think
I want a book to read in my free time. Not professionally yet .....

You won't find a book with complete details, the topic is far too broad.

I know .Just a book with basics would be enough

Have you tried amazon? I'm sure there are plenty of decent books on the basics of how computers work.

If I knew which books to look for in Amazon ,I am pretty sure that I have already done that :p

They provide a search feature for that reason. :icon_rolleyes:

I don't know what to search for.That is why I am asking for names

I don't know what to search for.


I don't know what to search for.


I don't know what to search for.

How could you not know what to search for?! You knew how to ask other people for help, and that's most of the way toward defining search keywords. I even linked to an Amazon search for you that produced a few thousand results. From there you can refine the search.

I can't decide if you're completely hopeless or simply lazy. Either way, I'm done here.

I am asking for a GOOD book from experienced people not just links so I can select what ever I want.If I wanted that I've done it already.wouldn't create threads.If you can't help back off and don't waste my time with your useless posts.Thanks you for trying to help


Scroll down that page to the "Volumn 2" section. Gives lots of information about the architecture side.

Also, research Compilers, Linkers, and Loaders -- lots of learning involved in that. These should be a good start:

And this should give you a start on conceptualizing what an Interpreter does:

You may also want to look-up "small C", "miniBasic", and Forth.

Happy Learning!!

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