...well I'm just about to step into my sophomore year in college as a computer science engineer, undergraduate . I was eager to know about all the important and world renowned competitions that are held in the field of computer science. I just know about ACM ICPC . I'm interested to know about other competitions, apart from the mainstream programming contests like Google code jam and etc. Which are there in computer science .

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quote from the Java4K homepage:

Unfortunatly there will be no 4K contest for the period Dec 2014 to Feb 2015, and beyond. The reality is that Java has been in decline for a long time and now it's almost impossible for ordinary people to play Java games on the web, which has resulted in developers losing interest in the Java ecosystem (at least for web/client/desktop related things).

What do you call 'renowned'? Something that is nice to do, something that will land you any job you want, something people already heard of (once) ?

Well by renowned i meant something that could prove to be a major add on to my resume . Which could increase my chances of getting into a good grad school. Competitions which are held on a global scale .

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