Hello all, is there some python code or program to crawl instagram? I would like to get the user Username, Bio and 5-6 random pics.

  • Thank you

i found this too but dont know how to run it

Hi Stefan, maybe you need to pose this question another way. Maybe you need to add that you want an app, ready to use that does this, that and all the other things.

As this is a Computer Science forum, it's usually not for asking for a completed app.

Think of this like you want something custom in your car. You can find the custom part but you have to modify and install it then get it working.

Yea sorry, you are right i have posted in wrong forum... when i run it i get a windows popup and closes imediately, i tried to catch what it says, here is it:


I have changed the auth.json.example file with my username and pass from instagram but again same thing happens.

For the customization i will try my best to make it for my needs but first i need to make it run and am newbie in python

@Stefan, the newness wears off with time and practice. However for some reason I'm reading a lot of posts where folk are importing from the future because code they wrote or downloaded was for a prior or current Python version.

As you trace what this code does and where then why it crashes your newness will be washed away. Usually these projects run as-is if the right Python and pre-requisites are met. Change Python, OS and what else and you are in debugging mode.