There is a multinational company. In the company, there are deductions from the salary of the employee according to following rules:
i) If salary is less than 10,000 then no tax deduction and 4% of salary will be deducted as Well-fare fund every month.
ii) If salary is more than 10,000 and less than 20,000 then 3% of salary as tax deduction and 6% of remaining salary as employee well-fare fund will be deducted every month.

iii) If salary is equal to or more than 20,000 then 5 % of the salary as tax deduction and 8% of remaining salary as employee well-fare fund will be deducted every month .

Take salary input from user and after appropriate deduction show the net payable amount for month.
Using Loop structure calculate the total salary; paid tax and well fare fund of that particular employee for two years and display these values at end.

please anyone can solve this
useing algorithm in pseudo code form

What have you tried to do yourself? This is assignment only, no question asked. It is Daniweb policy not to give direct answers for home work but give help in debugging. You have clear description to do, what kind of structure you would like to use to solve it (it does mention Loop structure in assignment allready, what is processed in loop, what is ending condition for the loop)? What are inputs, what are outputs, what are formulas in mathematical form suitable for programming?

Dear if i know the solution then why i aske here the solution just i need the start how i can do it can you help me i am new user so i have not much information about the computer so plz
make me understand it

Best place to start is from the beginning, put those words to actual formulas and think of logic and the sequence of actions necessary.

ok dear ckeck it right or wrong;

Salary = ‘‘A’’
Tax education = ‘‘B’’
Well fear fund = ‘‘C’’
Repeat the cycle for 24 months.


A<10,000 then B = 0 and C = 4% of A
10,000 < A < 20,000 then B = 3%of A and C = 6% of (A-B)
A 20,000 then B = 5% of A & C = 8% of (A-B)
Hence, print
Salary after 2years
Tax deduction after 2 years
Well fear fund deduction after 2 years