Hi Guys,
I am looking for career advice. I am currently pursuing my associate's degree in computer science here in Texas. And I wanted to know if you guys know how people with associate's degrees get a job. As an international student, I would like one year of work before I transfer to a 4 year university to finish my bachelor's degree in software engineering or computer science.

Currently I am taking my basics but I have done some programming in SQL, PHP, Java, Python, C, HTML and CSS. But I took breaks in between my learning so I am starting to relearn java all over again. And in the process I hope to also re-learn CSS, JavaFX and SQL and build a real programs. I would like to use this knowledge as my foundation for also learning algorithms as I did not understand them when I was learning them the first time.

I know my question is all over the place but I wanted to know if I graduated as very good java programmer with CSS, Java FX, and SQL would that help me get a paid internship? I would really like to see how a real program is being built so I can use that knowledge to build my own software and would greatly help me when I am taking the core computer science class at the University.

Thank you alot and I hope my question makes sense!

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I'll share that at the 2 year AS type college my son attended had a jobs office. That's where many start.

We do have a careers center but they were unable to help me with adequate advice

@OP, advice comes from your counselors. Jobs and internships from the jobs office. So if you are looking for a job, you don't usually get those at the careers center. Here you have counselors at the careers center and the internships are in the job's office.

@OP. my son reminded me that some classes are "work for this company" and you get credits. No pay internships. If you pass up such classes I applaud you since my view which doesn't matter is that work should receive pay. But if you get school credits then that's pay in the form of credits.

Next, you have your degree but are job hunting. You and thousands others are lookng for a job so this varies with country or location but here if you had a technical degree you head to employment agencies. While in school and even out of school I find students to not leverage their school job office.

Make sure that your course selections include something to develop your communication skills. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely in both speaking and writing is invaluable.

RJ brings up a great point. My best job in Engineering had me doing a lot of presentations. On many topics from new product ideas to sharing the solution to issues or how we were going to tackle issues.

Big nod to basic psychology and speech classes. If not, join Toast Masters for a year.

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