Hi everyone... I don't know where to put this post, but I guess it goes here seeing that this isn't about a specific programming language.

I'm a bit confused as well as nervous about starting with native desktop applications, on school I used Delphi, and later I started to become more of a web developer. But I have a new project that requires me to also create a desktop application. But I really can't make a decision about what language to use... I hope someone will be able to assist.

I need to make a math program for a school environment. I looked at the different languages and C++, C#, Java and Python has really attracted me for quite some time. But I guess Python is a no-go seeing that the program will be distributed later on, so I need to hide the source code, where a compiled language will be much better.

What language will you suggest? And what IDE works the best with that certain language? Also what is the learning curve? And I don't have a lot of money yet, so I can't go and buy something like Visual Studio Ultimate or the new Delphi 2010, so please keep it realistic...


please to this links to help u have a better understanding


in my personal opinion, those languages are quite famous, top programming languages. Learning curve...it will be depending on how you are connected to the language...I find it quiet easy to learn n understand java rather than C languages. although some or maybe most people would have said that I am abnormal. :) from licensing issue the safest if you use Java, the license has no "conflict of interest". C# is a somewhat free language but there are some restrictions that you need to pay attention of...do spend a bit time to read the references that I posted above.

I got your problem. As far as my concern knowledge i suggest you go with java for starting native desktop applications.
Because, Desktop Java technologies can be used to create rich client applications and applets that are fast, secure, and portable.
And also it provides a flexible and robust deployment solution.
You might better to go this link for more clear idea.