I want to create a program the scrolls in on the side of your screen that reminds you to do stuff at certain times. You can tell it what to remind you. I am writing it in c++. One problem I have is where to get started, this will be the first real program that I want to do. What do I need to set up. And does anybody have a clue on how to make a program scroll out from the side of the screen (I know the scrolling thing might be kind of confusing because thats the only way I could describe it)

Thank You

So you'd have at least four basic parts; a form you fill out to enter an appointment or thing to remind you of, a list of things pending, a background task that just watches the clock, and then the pop-up/scroller to do the reminding.

Is this Windows? Are you using VC? There are sample 'tray' apps that show you how to have a background program with an icon in the windows tray. Then you could click on that icon to get to the list and form. The background process would also be watching the clock (maybe using a waited-GetMessage() call).

There must be sample scrollers on the web as they're all the rage with MSN and other mail programs now. Google should help there.

thanks, you put everything in perspective for me. I am using it in windows, and I ma not using VC. Is that a suggestion to use VC?

Only because VC comes with a bunch of samples, including, I think, a tray sample. But it probably uses MFC, so for that you'd need VC.

I can't find any sample code for a program that has a slide out gui and. Can any one help? I also could not find anything that shows me how to run a program in the background, but I am sure there is one out there, but if you know that would be a lot of help.

There is probably a parameter(s) in CreateWindowEx to help with the problem, but its nothing ive made before either!!! :)

How to make a reminder i.e to setup a reminder in a system as a popup window.the platform i have chosen is php.
Thank You.