I filed a U.S. Patent Application
related to a novel Human Computer Interaction technology(status: Patent Pending).

The main idea: to provide a system and method(MultiPointer Manipulating System and Method) for manipulating simultaneously
and independently of at least two “natural” cursors/pointers on the same display screen of the computer
by means of at least one operator’s hands, feet, fingers over manipulating of the corresponding
pointing devices such as mice, trackballs or the like coupled to the computer,
wherein the system and method are applied in connection with the applications that do not support
multiple pointing devices or multiple cursor presentations but support a single
pointing device.

Since most of applications support just a single pointing device, such a “natural”
cursors/pointers are universal, easily compatible with any of such applications and dramatically increase
operability of computer operators, gamers, etc. in combination with modern
ergonomic pointing devices.

These method and system are claimed as well as are applied to the virtual on-screen software
keyboards for typing/data entry using at least two independent pointers that makes it
[typing/data entry] at least competitive in comparison with typing/data entry using physical keyboards
(On-Screen Keyboard MultiPointer Data Entry).

The central novelty is represented by a solution providing efficient and flexible implementation
of arbitrary number of independent pointers, wherein pointers’ number is restricted by computer’s
parameters/architecture/configuration only.

I’m looking for a company/investor ready to purchase it.

For Details ask:

Yuly Shipilevsky,
The Inventor and Owner


Well, I am not looking to buy it - I surely can't afford it, but that sounds like a very cool invention. Good luck on finding a buyer!