Howdy everyone and greetings :)

I've just joined to try and gain some more experience with Databases, and look for some ideas. I am pretty much a complete novice with databases etc, so be gentle ;) . I would say that I have a pretty high understanding of most technical and software aspects of PC's, just not so much with Databases.

I am looking for some kind of solution for the following. I want to create a database of names, each one having a number assigned to them. I want to have a very simple front end where the person can login and see the number that is assigned to thier name. I would also like to have the functionality where a 'moderator' can login to this database and easily change the number that's assigned to a persons' name (either up or down) quickly and easily.

So, for example, Joe Bloggs could login and see that he has the number 22 assigned to him. But, at any given time, one of a set number of moderators could login and change this number either up, or down (ideally with some functionality that will record the date each time one of these numbers is changed).

I have just been using Excel to do this in the past for around 200 names, and it's okay. But I am looking for an easier, prettier, and more user-friendly way of doing this? I guess web-based would be best. And the simpler the better for a novice like me :). Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions that I could try?

Thanks for any help, I hope it makes sense :)

Cheers, Orias

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If you want to learn about databases, then you need to start working with one. Excel is a spreadsheet application, which can be used to maintain lists, but is not really a database engine.

Microsoft Access is the front end to the JET database engine, so you already have a head start on the front-end part. You will need to learn how to use Access to design and manipulate your data.

The other question you need to answer is whether to have it web-based or not. Why do need it to be web-based? If this is crucial, then you have 2 learning curves. One for designing the database, and another for learning a programming language to build your front end.

If you are only interested in learning about relational databases, first get yourself a good book. I recommend 'Database Design For Mere Mortals' by Michael J. Hernandez.

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