have a ver big problem, im new to mysql...and i been thinking of ways of solving it....but dont know how....

i have an excel list with 200 people, so what i do is convert the excel file to mysql, using a $24.90 sofware.....once i have the mysql databse
i add the column username and Password, so each people can access through a php login page enternig their username and a password and see their information in the database...

The excel list changes every 15 days...all the fields!...so the problem is the fact that this excel sheet does not comes with a username and password column....and since they may be more or less people on it user information will not correspond to the username and password rows that on the db

well, i dont know if im explaining this...

any ideas at all on how to solve this??....

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First of all, you do not need $24 software to change Excel to MySql, you could have written a simple script to do this.

Anyway, you need to have some logical programming to get around this problem. Basically when you get the new file, for each entry, you have to check if the entry is already there in the database and then update only the changed fields if it is already there.

If it is a new entry, you can create a new row in the databse for that new entry.

I think the problem you have now is that you try to recreate the database each time you get a new file. Rather you have to keep the same database and update it.

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