we recentely migrated our database from 2000 to sql server 2005.The migrated database has some issues like collation issues,so we created the scripts for each databases and then updated these scripts to remove collation issues to make these compatible to SQL server 2005.
But we have some permission issues for the users in case of these created databases i.e. we are unable to see all the tables with ssupdate user id ,or any other id .except the dbo id
which is the owner of this database,where we can see all the tables and stored procedures.
iam fairly new at sql server .does anyone have any suugestions or critcisms ?
you are welcome.

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there is a simple way to do this.we had created the ids but not assinged them, any roles
Granting roles to users

1. Go to the object explorer, select databases from the left pane.
2. Double click on the desired database(xchangecontent,sourceselect)
3. From the right pane select security
4. Select roles->select database roles
5. Choose the desired role(db_datawriter or db_datareader)
6. Press the add button, enter the desired id to which the role has to be assigned.

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