Thanks for the info inscissor - that can be an awesome marketing combination if handled properly.

It will definitely stimulate MySQL AB's popularity in the market. Companies sometimes find open source software to be a risk because they feel that open source software does not offer much liability. After all, if you use something free or open source, who do you blame if something goes wrong? Who can you sue?

I think the fact that Novell is involved, will definitely boost MySQL AB's rep, giving it an image of reliability and security. After all, why would a big company like Novell use it?

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Actually, Portrege SQL Server is already avalable for Novell, and that is the most powerfull opensource database.

Heh, I know way to much about Novell!

Portrege SQL Server? I've never heard of it. Got any info on it (how it compares to other databases)? It seems to me that MySQL and PostgreSQL Servers are still one of the top open source databases on the market.

Just a stupid typo at 1am! PostgreSQL Server runs on NetWare, with MySQL in the works. :D Sry for the typo again!

But yeah, now that I think of it, I remember seeing something about it in Slashdot a while ago. I don't really follow PostgreSQL nor Novell, so I didn't pay too much attention to it.

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