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here i am putting steps for importing data from Excel sheet into SQL Server 2003.

How to Import data from excel sheet to SQL Server

Note : - Sheet should be exactly same as Table in which you are importing data. i.e with the contrints and column


Step 1) from tool menu select Run a Wizard
Step 2) Click on Data Transformation Services
Step 3) Click on DTS Import Wizard. You will see a wizard for Import/Export . Click on "Next"
Step 4) Choose a Data Source from Drop down list. Here i choose Microsoft Excel 5.0
Stpe 5) Then click on brows button and choose your Excel Sheet to Import and click next
Step 6) Then choose Destination, Server. Choose option Use SQl Server Authentication.
input user name and password. Then select Database
Step 7) Click on Next. choose option copy Tables and views from the source database and click on Next.
Step 8) You will see a list of available sheets from your selected sheet to import. choose sheets to import. (keep in mind the sheets should be formated same as table. you can create a new table also.)
Step 9) Click Destination Field and choose a table in which you want to import data.
step 10) Click on Transform button and select appropriate option. If you havent selected any table in previous step then it will show you a default option to create a new table.
Step 11) Click next and choose timing when to import. and click finish. And the data is in your table.

feel free to ask if any Query.

Best Luck. Enjoy.....

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