Hello folks,

I beg your pardon if I have posted the thread in wrong forum. But my query is related to sql server and visual basic 6, so I thought posting it here rather from visual basic forum will help me getting most replies....

I have developed an client-server based application which uses classic vb(vb6) as the front-end and sql server as the backend. For cost reduction, I have used sql server 2005 express edition as the backend server for my project as this is a free version which is available from microsoft and developers are allow to re-distribute it with their setups.

All the works related to programming including testing have been done successfully. I have also created the setup for deploying the application on the client site using the default Package and Deployment setup wizard that ships with visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition. But the hurdle comes here now. As we know, the sql server has to be configured with the database so that the software can be able to communicate with it for data transmission. Now i want my client to get rid of manually configuring all these and for so I have wrote a program apart from the original application which will guide the user to configure the database. User just has to click some buttons and the server will be configured. Now for this the sql server express edition MSDE should also need to be deployed in the client site too.

My question is, how can I do that with the setup created from Package and deployment wizard so that the setup will automatically install the MSDE after installing the main application...

I have searched google for this but ended up with solution that relates to sql server 2000 and earlier editions....so I have started this thread...

Hope I will get some positive and valuable replies here...
Please help me in this regard asap as this is very urgent and I really hoping for it.

Thanks for any information in advance...

Shouvik (India)

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You'll have to go into the setup program generated code. I have to look and see the directory...will post in a bit...

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Couple of thoughts:
1. If this is a multi-user app, do you really want every execution of setup to install a runtime SQL Server?
2. Deployment of the SQL Server Compact Edition Runtime (SQLServerCE31-EN.msi) has to be run ON THE SERVER, not from a remote machine. More info:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920700

Given all that, here goes:
1. Get a copy of SQL Server Compact Edition Runtime setup file from the link above(SQLServerCE31-EN.msi)
2. When you run the Package and Deployment Wizard, specify that file as one of the
"Included Files"
3. Also include a "Read Me" file for the user, so that when your app setup is done, they know to run the MSI if they need to.

In days past (i.e. VB3 days) the Package and Deployment wizard actually created a full-on source code project for setup. It was very instructive as far as what functions to call to get all the interesting version/date information that you see in the Setup.lst file. You could go in and modify to your heart's content. Can't do that anymore (dang!).


thnks for your kind reply....

this app is intended to be multi-user app but after confirmation from the client....though its a multiuser or single user, the sql server runtime will be installed on server only...not in every execution of the setup....

though i have not got the answer i was looking for...this will not help me to automate the setup process of sql server runtime...it has to be executed by the user
at any means which i not wanted....looks like i have to change my server configuration program to allow user to install the runtime...anyways if the exact one is not found then I will have to proceed with some other idea...

i have visited the page and download SQL Server Compact Edition Runtime (SQLServerCE31-EN.msi) only....let me know if some other component will also require to download as per my purpose...

i will proceed with the component u suggested and will let u know if i succeed with that...

as far as the change in source code of the setup program concerns, i think its best to get your hands off from further messing things up...:)

thanks for your help...


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