I am deji, i have been on this site for a while now but i have never been on this database forumn.... I used to be on the c++ forumn.... I was given a project with one of my coursemates in school.... we were asked to automate our school library within the next 2 weeks..... i know how to desing the user interface.... and make the application attractive but neither of the two of us in the group knows enough about database to build one.....
All i want now is where to go next.... I already downloaded the data model of the library automation.... I dont know whether i am going to build the database from scratch using my favourite programming language or something else..............
I need help asap
"GUYS! Dont let me down on this one":)

You need to look into current database and see if the table management is efficient and based on that made decision you should be able satisface. If you want you may want to post your current DB structure and get some opinion.
If you happy with DB management then look into interface. Is it userfriendly, are you able to find things easily, do you see all information you need.
Beside you need to explain what exactly you mean by "automate library".

What i mean by automate a library is just to write a software to enable users to use the library online... like find books, order books to borrow e.t.c

What you need to do is use PHP/ASP/JSP/AJAX to display data that you pulled out out of DB. By looking on the data of your first post you should be done or finishing by now...