Microsoft's Photosynth Will Fail

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In the late 1990s an innovative company called Enroute Imaging came out with QuickStitch, a program that could analyze a series of digital photos and "stitch" them together into a single image. It cleverly figured out where the image data repeated and combined the photos seamlessly. It was really cool software, but I couldn't quite see a wide need. The company fizzled. A number of companies have popped up since then offering similar solutions. Can you name one? I didn't think so.

But now Microsoft has released Photosynth, a Web service that does largely the same thing, but using its own back-end systems for storage and processing horsepower. The idea is that people would feed in between 20 and 300 photos of a particular subject and Web site would spit out a "synth ," a navigable virtual representation of the images that you can pan and zoom. With the technology, Microsoft claims to turn 2D photos into 3D images, but that's a stretch. I'd describe it more like QuicktimeVR or like taping a bunch of photos to a clear beach ball and looking at them from the inside.

On the client side, a small viewer apps is required, as is an account on Live Labs, Microsoft's collaborative web site for "scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs," and now photographers, I guess.

It's interesting to note that the Photosynth client does not require Silverlight. The tool relies instead on Flash. That fact could be its saving grace since Flash is already present on the vast majority of systems and isn't limited by Silverlight's relatively large horsepower requirements.

And on the subject of horsepower, the site slowed to a crawl the first day, as it saw 286,000 image uploads, according to an InformationWeek story. So much for good first impressions.

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286,000 that is alot of images most of them came from files that people already had on there computer which is very interesting. so now they know what kinda bandwidth they need but i bet they had a good starting point for the site. but the amount of users probably overwhelmed them. and made by microsoft wow they should be extremely grateful because every product they have come out with they seem to make a screwup out of and noone goes out and buys it. office is a great example of how bad microsoft can screw up and i dont doubt they will eventually get around to screwing up this program

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