Having braved the task that is getting mySQL6.0 installed onto my machine, after listening to the preferences voiced by database users everywhere I was delighted when I finally got down to a bit of a play!!!
The problem I found almost immediately, was that a lot of the returned results do not fit into the command prompt window.Any lines which do not fit into what seems to be a predefined width return back on themselves and continue on the next line.
Needless to say, when you are attempting to view a grid everything becomes totally unintelligible.
Any suggestions please!!

Can you not use the \G switch?

select * from customers \G

This displays the field names vertically instead of across the top. At least in 5.* it does.

Otherwise you will have to play with your window size / font size.

Brilliant!! Thanks very much


worked perfect!!

I should probably be embarrassed!!

No need, not many people would actualy know that

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