hi frnds !!! I am an engineering student of 3rd year and i want to make a DBMS project so please suggest some good n unique projects on dbms. I'll be really grateful.Plz help me

Hi, you better go for ticketing system. You can create a database that will keep record for employees, Tickets, buses details, food details and cargo details. Go for this project so you could sale some bus service afterwards.
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hi, i have same idea like alekhan too. this is completed task in building database like what alekhan describe. but you will get a complex db.:)
so have a nice try.

Thats going to be a bit hard and complex as you have already mentioned.

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There are several projects you guys can take up. They can be database management systems for any of the real life scenarios.

1. Library Management System.
2. Hospital Management System.
3. Store Management System. ... something for a Grocery Store.
4. Hotel Management System.

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Option #2 sounds perfect :cool:

i want some dbms mini project please sent to [email snipped] ...............................

How much you are ready to pay me for that ?