I currently have a database that is just one table with products and is using the myisam engine for the fulltext capabilities on two columns. The question I have is that this database has about 390,000 rows with a lot of duplicate entries namely manufacturer, price. I have been searching Google for a good how to build a normalized database article but they all seem to focus on the n forms more than they do the guts of building one, well anyways, the question I have is should I split this table into smaller tables i.e. keep the fulltext columns in a myisam table with a primary key and put the manufacturer in a separate table with a primary key and innodb engine and do the same with the price and build a main table that can pull this information together? That way I could do a match against on the myisam table and then use the primary keys to pull the information from the main table or am I over thinking this database? any help would be appreciated thanks dave.

never mind I got this book written in 1999 called SQL: the complete reference and it seems to cover most of the question I have, of course it's antiquated but most of the chapters cover the same things that are still used today.