im Indian a novice and in php. I installed the wamp server2 that has the apacheserver,phpmyadmin and mysql but when I try to connect mysql through PHP code a error message - "Warning : Mysql_connect()[function.mysql.connect]; Access denied for user ' '@'localhost'(using password YES) in c:\wamp\www\school\temp.php on line 10." is comming so I cnat connect mysql. can someone help me.


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hey even i m also new....
have u put mysql connector jar in classpath.
plz check

I think the thread starter is talking about PHP and you r confusing it with the J-Connector.

So how are you connecting to the database, can we have some code to see what you tried ?
First hit the command "telnet <IP of system MySQL DB server installed on> 3306" to see if it connects.
If so are you able to login using the given user in mysql directly via the mysql command line client or via the mysql-gui tools with the given username and password?

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