I am stuck between deciding between MySql and Oracle,

The reason being, I want to know how long it will take for MySql to reash the level of the current Oracle, if its gonna take more than a year....I guess Oracle is worth the money else not.

Any views on the same.?

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Hello rich_m,

how are you?

I am afraid you will have to wait at the Greek calends.

Once MySql company had a wonderful oracle clone. It was MaxDB, formerly SAPDB. And lots of people thought they would drop ugly MySql database and replace it by MaxDB. But they returned it back to SAP in 2007.



You shouldn't compare the two. It's like comparing a school bus (Oracle) to a Corvette (MySql). Oracle can deliver tons of data in a reasonable amount of time consistently. MySql can deliver smaller amounts of data in a much faster time consistently. How big is the db and how frequent will it receive requests? Are you planning on having millions of users querying the db every 3 seconds? If so, Oracle should be your choice (or even better, IBM DB2). However, if you are predicting <10000 users and average query of 5 per minute or less, MySql will do all you have ever hoped for.

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I like this reply

@buddylee17 : Thanks for this info,
What I was interested was in knowing the features that I will be losing if I chose MySql


Buddylee is right when he says that you shouldn't go for oracle if you intend to do a small project.

As a matter of fact there are benchmarks which shows that mysql offers almost the same performances as oracle when it comes to little data volumes (2 go or less) and few users (30 or less).

What's more, the price entailed by oracle doesn't lie only in the licence but also in the hardware (RAM, CPU) you need to achieve good performances.


Yes, Oracle is a beast and a memory hog. My favorite comparison was made by Charles Phillips, President of Oracle:
"We're both in the transportation business," Mr Phillips said. "We have a 747, and they have a Toyota."
Marten Mickos, CEO of MySql responded:
"There are many more Toyotas sold than 747s. "Toyota is a very profitable company"

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