I have just downloaded 10g express edition but there is no user interface like SQL Server has. Does anyone prefer any program because i am new for Oracle and have never used before.


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You can use the inbuild tool SQL*PLUS. if you want GUI then can download and use SQL DEVELOPER for free from oracle site.

There are other better GUI tools like TOAD and PLSQL DEVELOPER but you need to purchase those.

Oracle 10 has a web based administration tool.
And there's sqlplus as well.

Or indeed get an external tool. PL/SQL Developer is very good and reasonably priced. Oracle has its own tool that's free of charge as well, available from OTN.
TOAD is overpriced IMO.

Thanks for info guys.

Oracle have J Developer and SQL Developer, both free from their web site.
If you develop more PL/SQL I'd go for J Developer as it's more aimed at a project style development, where as SQL Developer is more around working with SQL scripts.

I'll develop more PL/SQL therefore, i need to use J Developer. I have just created my database with SQL Developer but, how do i backup it?

no, JDeveloper is NOT the proper tool for developing pl/sql.
SQL Developer is the right tool, it's designed for working with SQL rather than Java.

Both are development tools, not administration tools.
So neither will let you schedule jobs, schedule backups, etc.
Use the web interface for that.

What you can do from pl/sql developer is save the scripts to recreate tables, packages, etc.
The Oracle XE information (accessible from the web interface) includes instructions on scheduling backups.

I was more referring to working with a project, which if your doing any reasonable level of PL/SQL then your more likely working with multiple files and some form of version control system for controlling source code versions.
SQL Developer has no links to projects or version controlling and therefore is fine if your working with a single PL/SQL package, but not much more.
As for JDeveloper designed to work for Java - how about XML, HTML, CSS.... It's an IDE which ( like Eclipse ) isn't aimed at one technology but aimed as being a platform which can be used to develop a full project rather than one component of it.

you don't need an IDE to work with version control systems...
And JDeveloper just isn't fit to work with pl/sql packages.
If you want both, get IntelliJ and install the Oracle SQL plugin.

If you follow your arguments - then why not use sql plus for PL/SQL development, after all you don't need an IDE to do PL/SQL programming! Just that people prefer to have one system to do most of there work - wonder how many people using VB/VC++ would use VSS if it wasn't integrated with their IDE?
I use JDeveloper because it's free - and with Oracle behind it, its moving on quite a lot. I've been using 11gR3 and it's starting to make a development with disparate technologies easy to work on. Mostly being PL/SQL - but Java modules for those areas that PL/SQL just can't reach!

10g express edition but there is no user interface like SQL Server has

seems to be a trend with the express editions. Microsoft SQL Server Express doesnt include a GUi either. you must use visual studio or "SQL Management Studio Express"

Thanks gusy. I'll just use SQL Developer.
Thanks for info again

seems to be a trend with the express editions. Microsoft SQL Server Express doesnt include a GUi either. you must use visual studio or "SQL Management Studio Express"

Nope. The kid just couldn't find the user interface, it's there.
Oracle has moved to web based administration for its products.
The user interface is the same for the XE and regular editions (except of course that the XE edition has less functionality).

and oh, SQL Developer 1.5 now has integrated support for CVS and Subversion.
Was released yesterday :)
Available now from OTN.

I am a new Oracle user. i use Sql Developer and it seems very helpfull to me.

It is. I don't use it much because PL/SQL developer is so much better.
But if I had to pay the several thousand dollar license myself (company pays it) I'd not use it either :)

Why PL/SQL Developer is better? I am asking this because, i have a school project and i have to create PL/SQL cursors, PL/SQL stored procedures, PL/SQL functions and PL/SQL triggers. As am a new person in Oracle, what really would be easy to me? Do you think i have to PL/SQL Developer instead?

pl/sql developer is a more powerful product, with advanced features that the free product lacks.
It's also a lot more expensive at several thousand dollars per seat.

For a school project, even Oracle's free SQLDeveloper is overkill.

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