Hello all,

I have a fairly good grasp on how to design a database (took a couple courses on it) but I'm not sure how to set up a database for use with a website. My plan is to develop the website with ASP.NET and MySQL. The website will have multiple users logged in at once altering the database.

Some questions I have are:

1) How would you configure the MySQL database for use with many users at once.

2) How do you connect the users to the database when they first get to the website? If you use a connection string in the code, wouldn't people be able to get access to the code and find out the name and password for the database, or is the code hidden before deployment of the website?

If you guys could give me any feedback/links about my questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


1. The database is already built for transactional processing to handle multiple users. You will most likely have a single 'user account' that you will use to communicate with the database.

2. There are a couple of ways to do this. Normally you can put the connection string in the web.config and encrypt it. Also remember the pages are compiled, so they won't have direct access to your .net code.

Here's a link on how to do it.