Hi i have created a website for my client using PHP and mysql . The client need to backup a table in database as excel file every day. Well he had no idea about coding and all ... He need to backup using a simple way. Please anyone let me know how can i do it using php script or any easy software for that.....

Please help me

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This is karthi from chennai . u need excel format table report , U write a program poi or mysql cronjob coding .. otherwise u have table
go to mysql gui tool and select browser select table and execute and then choose file --> export --> which format ui wand excel , pdf, html click it ...


Instead of taking the lengthy route of a backup through a script, you could just as well use the 'SELECT...INTO OUTFILE' query to backup the data to a CSV file. You could put this command into a file and then use the crontab to run this daily. This would be much easier than writing a script.


Well he had no idea about coding and all ... He need to backup using a simple way.

Never tell to such clients to use MySQL GUI, most of the time they destroy things :-)


@karthik1983 : Read what the OP wants and try to understand it before posting stuff and

9894153527 call me if u any doubt

avoid this nonsense, if you have something to share, share it with all. It's just one of those forum's rules that you agreed to while registering as a member here.


You can simply go to export option and there you can save data in required file format

Read the previous posts, a poster has already been adviced about this. And tell me how is he going to do this activity on a daily basis ?
Open the GUI program daily and do it ?

The previous poster was making the same mistake. Think for a while before posting stuff like this.

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