I need to draw a use case diagram for the following:

Each member carries a membership card, which is date stamped every time they attend a training session. Their attendance is also recorded in an attendance ledger. Members pay a small fee for attending any session.

This money is used primarily for the hire of the halls and expenses for running a club. stock is kept and suits are sold (variety of sizes) and grade belts (white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown and black) to supplement this.

All records kept on paper, a laptop is to make forms which allow him to keep accurate records of attendance, member details, etc. paper card system for recording member’s personal details and achievements to date.

grading sessions are held twice a year for members are ready to progress to the next grade and who have attended the minimum number of training sessions required.

a week prior to the grading event, members who are grading have to pay a grading fee and give their licence (a small document which holds a photograph of the member and a signed declaration)

During the session, each member is assessed against pre-defined criteria by a panel of Dan grades, and is awarded an average mark based on their performance. On completion of the grading session, each successful grader is awarded a certificate, their licence is updated and they have the opportunity to buy the belt applicable to their new grade.

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Show us some effort that you can make that you can separate all these elements into a logical design and we can help.

We don't do the work for you.


i have attempted it, but i think i have done it wrong, not sure though

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