I'm quite knowledgeable with T-SQL and know a little VFP.

I would like to code what I think would be a very simple program. I have an excel spreadsheet that has two columns, a date column and a system code column. One of the applications that I use on a regular basis requires a system code, it changes each day. I want to write an app, batch file, etc., anything that upon launching will get the system code for the day(either by manually passing the value through some sort of GUI, or based off of the date on the computer) and return it to me in a text file that I can copy and paste.

Any recommendations on a language that would make this task very easy?

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I have sql express 2008 loaded on my laptop, so I could copy the excel spreadsheet to a db table and setup an odbc.


ok now theres a start, still in mysql forum, but we can work with this

close this thread, start one in mssql forum, then we can continue from there

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