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but, lets start here, what are you having trouble with?

I have an excel spreadsheet that has two columns, a date column and a system code column. One of the applications that I use on a regular basis requires a system code, it changes each day. I want to write an app, batch file, etc., anything that upon launching will get the system code for the day(either by manually passing the value through some sort of GUI, or based off of the date on the computer) and return it to me in a text file that I can copy and paste.

Any recommendations on a language that would make this task very easy?

as you said before, you can import this into sql express with no problems correct?

you can do something like this

where DATE_FIELD >= convert(datetime, '2008-12-1 12:00', 120)
and DATE_FIELD < convert(datetime, '2008-12-2 12:00', 120)

you can run this sql select, now its a matter of what you are familiar with to get it to a text file, you can do it with dts / ssis, c#, whatever else you may prefer