We have an MS-Access DB that we would like to create emails from is that possible.

Approx. 140 employees we like to create emails to from Access.

Thanks for any pointers.

Russ @ scaninc.org

what are you trying to do are the emails in access and you need to extract them?

i am trying to create emails and have them go to outlook for 140 email ids on a regular basis.

should not be a problem. open outlook goto File -> IMport and Export -> import from another program or file -> MS access 97-2003 -> SELECT the .mdb file -> highlight contacts -> check the table -> assign fields ->

If you need to transfer the contacts to other outlooks go back to import export export to personal .pst file. take that file to the other computer then import the .pst file to that users outlook

Mail merge using word, and send using the mail toolbar

i do not want to import contacts. i want to create emails from my access db. is that possible?

Thats what a mail merge is

I am still not clear you have an access database with 140 employees from the previous posts there is no email addres in the access database then what is there first name and last name?

Are the employees setup with a valid email? or do you want to extract the firstname lastname create an email then make that email active? That depends if you email server can do a mass import of users.

If you want to extract the employees names create an email address import that email in outlook so you can email them on a regular basis then yes you can do that but the email will come back not deliverable if they are not setup on your email server.